Fast and Accurate Leak Test of the Endoscope! Prevention of Cross-Infections and Failures!

ELT-2000 Characteristics

  1. 1) Detecting endoscope leakage earlier can help reduce potentially high repair cost.
  2. 2) Leak testing can reduce potential cross infection.
  3. 3) Convenient data storage via RFID function.
  4. 4) Leak test by type of endoscope.
    (Gastroscope, Colonoscope, Bronchoscope, ERCP/Ultrasonic)
  5. 5) Saves leak test results on SD Card for easy data storage and management.
  6. 6) Convenient GUI Display.
  7. 7) Portable and Rechargeable device.
  8. 8) Easy to detect leakages by using dry leak test.
  9. 9) Shorter leakage detection time. (Less than 1 minute)
  10. 10) Compatible with various endoscopes. (Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, etc..)


Name of product Endoscope Auto Leak Tester
Model ELT-2000
Display Digital graphic, 7” color TFT LCD
Display range of the pressure 5 ~ 300mmHg
Measurement range of the leak 0 ~ -99.9mmHg
Storage capacity of the measured data Data can be saved for a period of 12 months (up to 5,000 times a month)
Temperature and humidity of the operating environment +10~+50℃, 15~85%RH
Temperature and humidity of the storage environment -20~+60℃, 10~90%RH
Power supply Proprietary Adapter 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
AC-DC Adapter : DC5V 2,000mA
RFID Frequency range 13.5603MHz
Modulation method ASK
Channel number One channel
Form of the radio wave A1D
Output Less than 47.544mV/m at distance of 10 meter
Weight 920g
Unit dimensions(W x H x D) 223 x 90 x 160 (mm)

Test and management of data

  • Input of RFID tags
  • Smart test
  • Test data storage