New and innovative method for Hair Loss treatment!!!

What is GriMii?

GriMii injects the ink into the scalp within 0.15 ~ 0.20mm in depth for Scalp Micropigmentation. GriMii is a needless injector with less pain, less damage to the tissue and does not require local anesthesia.

The Principle of GriMii

Explosion of water bubble, that is formed when the laser beam contacts the water, expands the rubber membrane in the nozzle that pushes the ink into the skin with a high speed.

Who needs GriMii?

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Product Specification

Specification Details
Power supply 1p, 220VAC, 60Hz, 2200VA
Oscillator pulsed Er:YAG
Wavelength (nm) 2940(Er:YAG)
Repetition rate (Hz) 1 ~ 15
Energy (Lv) 0.5 ~ 1.2
Pulse width (㎲) 100 ~ 200
Control Micro-controller
Cooling system Forced water cooling
Dimension (mm) 270(W) x 430(D) x 795(H)
Weight 41kg
  • Main Body
  • Hand Piece
  • Nozzle(Disposable)